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Your parking lot is where your business greets every customer. Give a great first impression with a well maintained parking lot. 

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Crack Filling, Seal Coating and Line Marking

Your parking lot sets the tone for your customers' experience. Impress every customer before you even meet them.


We fill the cracks with hot rubberized sealer, then protect it from the sun and snow with a spray coating. Then we put down clean, straight lines for your customers.

Our fast and friendly service will have your parking lot looking new in no time.


Eco-Friendly Spray and Municipal Asphalt Work

There's no better way to directly enrich our own community than by working with local municipalities to ensure streets, parks, arenas, and other community features are well maintained and protected from the elements.

Barrie Driveway is the premier asphalt repair service in the Barrie and GTA area, offering quality and reliable services with close collaboration with municipalities.


Industrial and Commercial Asphalt and Line Marking 

Commercial and Industrial asphalt lays between some of the heaviest vehicles on our road, and the most critical infrastructure that your business runs on.


Our services include catch basin repairs, drainage corrections, as well as custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Call Barrie Driveway for your industrial asphalt needs


Asphalt Patching, Paving, and Repair

Potholes and crumbling sections of asphalt are eye-sores and safety hazards for employees and customers alike.

Our fast and professional service will have your parking lot back in one piece in no time. 

With decades of experience in the asphalt repair industry, Barrie Driveway is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction.

Geri J.

Very pleased with the quality of the work completed on our parking lot...
Competitive pricing and great to deal with! 
Freshly Sealed Asphalt by Barrie Driveway 2-min_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Contact Us for a Quote

 Every driveway is different.
Answer a few questions about yours so we can be as helpful as possible.  

What condition is your asphalt currently in?

Thank you! We'll respond soon.

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